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Artist Name
Born Date
April 4, 1986
Birth Place
House / ElectroHouse / Electro Swing / Dance / Mashup
Year activate
13 Years Dj // 7 Producer // 4 Studio Manager
Music Production & Technology
Planet Love

Digitalic  Biography

About Digitalic:

At The Last Year of his School Digitalic worked in his uncle Club in Patras As Helper in the bar.

In his Free time he was always in Dj booth, all these buttons and melodies in the mix were Magic on his ears!

The Dj Explain him the basics and everyday before the opening Digitalic practice with him,

After a few months the Resident Dj got an accident and the Line of Digitalic Just started in A night!

After school went in Athens to learn more about music in private College, but this was not enough.

A few months later Digitalic was in London’s Music Academy to Learn more about music Technology And Production, Also Works in Locals Bar / Club!

He came back in Greece in 2009 and become Studio manager of his own Company, Also works arround in Music Stations / Bar & Club in the city of Patras and Athens.

Creating his first Party Project Back2back with Famous dj’s digitalic started a new line in Parties.

In 2011 Planet Love Show Created with his Best Friends, A Crazy party with color lights Visual Effects Fireworks dancers & The Crazy Mix of Digitalic.

Every Summer We can find him in a Famous Beach Bar (Averto Beach Bar) Of Kefalonia Island, The Resindation Of Digitalic in Averto is Almost 10 Years Now!

In The Winter Digitalic Creating more Parties in the city of Patras most, But he is traveling Arround The Country all the time for Guest Nights!

Some Festival Like Electro Swing Nation / Rock The House / BPM & Colors are in His Agenda all the time!

Some Resident & Guest Places in His Bio are: Averto Beach Bar- Club Lixouri Xi Beach / WClub Patras / Follie Bar Athens / Vogue Thessaloniki / EntosEktos Patras / The Art Of Coffe in the Cuckoos Nest Patras / Joy People Patras / Oggi Live Club Patras / Space Club Kefalonia / Destyl Club Kefalonia / ArenaClub Agrinio / King Club Sparti / Maya Patras / SynPlhn Patras / Stretto Patras / Gala Patras / Malo Patras Beertuoza Patras / Elements Coctail Bar Athens / Rainers Club London / Ministry OF Sound Shot London / Dalluz Bucharest / NextDoor Bar Vienna / Ultra Istanbul / Plaza Milano / P.P.NOS. Club Akrata / Bijoux Club Patras /Pub Eleven Patras /

2 Webshared Albums
Cd Single “The Queen”
Cd Album “Century 21”
Cd Album “Empire Living World”
Cd Album “Royal Garden”
Cd Album “Priness Elisabeth K.”
Dance Nation 2009-2011
Global Summer Parties 2010
Global Summer Parties 2011
Dance Project Event 2008-2011 “Djs Vs Djs Show”
Dance Project Event 2011-2013 “Planet Love”
Dance Project Event 2012-2013 “Pub Eleven The Project”
Project Event 2012-2013 “Sax in The City [Project 11]”
Project Event MusicBastards 2013-2016



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